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If you enjoy shopping on your holidays, Carcassonne can offer a wide variety of delightful options.

In the lower city, Bastide Saint-Louis, boutiques, clothing shops and gift shops can be found along rue de Verdun as well as rue Albert Tomey and rue de la Liberté. Nearby, rue Georges Clémenceau offers a vast array of retailers, bookshops with rare or sold-out editions, shoes, cosmetics, perfume and chocolates. La Ferme on the corner of rue du Verdun and rue Chartran is a well-stocked delicatessen offering a wide variety of cheese, wine, teas and other goods.

The main food market on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. Les Halles, the indoor food market is open daily selling meat, seafood and cheese. Boulangeries are everywhere, so try some of the local breads and desserts.

You can buy wine from neighboring wineries, at local stores or at the market. For general supermarket shopping there is a Carrefour in Place Carnot and Monoprix on rue Georges Clémenceau.

Within the walled medieval city, La Cite, the streets are full of tiny stores and boutiques; most sell gift items such as antiques and local arts and crafts. All kinds of souvenirs can be bought such as original clothes in wool, old maps, or gift items like antiques and local art or crafts. Knives, swords and other medieval weapons are also found in specialty shops as well as many shops selling delicious food items.

Enjoy an afternoon browsing the many shops of La Cite and Bastide Saint-Louis in Carcassonne. Be sure to check out Le Ferme, which is just down the street from our apartment. One of Carcassonne’s most visited food shops with a wide selection of wine, cheese, chocolate and everything French!

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